How to order a credit card?

A credit card is one that allows postponing the payment of all purchases made up to a period of time agreed between the cardholder and the financial entity that issues it. As the name implies, it means the granting of a loan- Weberdebate instant payday loans. Due to this particularity, there are a series of requirements that must be met, as well as different ways to request a card.

Requirements for requesting a credit card

Each financial institution can establish requirements for a credit card applicant. However, there are a number of characteristics that, as a general rule, anyone who applies for a card must comply. They are the following:

Being of legal age: with a credit card, the obligation to pay for purchases made afterward is automatically contracted with the bank.

You need to have an income that guarantees that you will be able to repay the loan.

Have a good credit history: this requirement is a continuity of the previous one and emphasizes the need to demonstrate to the financial institution that it is solvent and that payments will be made on time.
Not be in any list of unpaid.

The way to demonstrate to the financial institution that all requirements are met is by providing the following information: official identity document and proof of regular income.

Ways to ask for a credit card

You can continue going to a branch of the bank to apply for the card, but asking for a card through the Internet is an option that is gaining more and more followers. Only one device is needed, be it a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet, with a network connection. In a matter of minutes, the application for a credit card will be made. The rest of the processing steps are just as simple. shows a large catalog of credit cards offered by the entity, in addition to a detailed explanation of all its features.

The Card After BBVA is the most “conventional” option, allows the bank to pay the amounts spent throughout the month in a single or fractional manner and if you have installed the App BBVA Wallet informs you of every expense you make with her.

Not being a client does not imply any disadvantage or veto when it comes to ordering the card. Once this is specified, the page will ask you to enter the limit you want for the card and the payment method between total payment at the end of the month, deferred payment monthly percentage and deferred payment monthly fixed fee. Next, you only have to enter your personal data and wait for an online operator to validate and confirm the request and inform you, if applicable, of the additional documentation that you would have to send.